Everyone at smLogo is of the belief that given a choice, most people would prefer a quality, unique, collectible “Handcrafted Themed Lamp” over a mass produced inter-net or department store lamp. For those few who need a lamp to provide light only, then smLogo Lamps will be of little or no interest. For all others, an investment in a quality, collectible “Handcrafted Themed Lamp”, that not only provides light, but also inspires the imagination, becomes the center piece of conversation and increases in value over time, makes perfect sense. Furthermore, the availability of quality, collectible handcrafted themed lamps made in the USA, is sparse. rob
ok_logo Some will ask why handcrafted themed smLogo Lamps sometimes cost more than mass produced department store lamps? The same question was asked about original Louis Tiffany Lamps that were not always prized collectibles. In fact during WW11, many were melted down for there lead content in support of the war effort. Fast forward to 1997, the auction house that featured the sale of a rare Tiffany Lotus Lamp, that sold for 2.8 million dollars, was asked a similar question regarding value. The reply: “Quality, Rarity and Craftsmanship”. For all the above reasons smLogo was formed.  smLogo is a U.S. protected Trademark and wholly owned by Old Kingston Town Trading Company LLC.
Robert Lowery, a long time resident of the beautiful State of South Carolina is the originator of Old Kingston Town Trading Company LLC, Senior Designer, Inventor and the holder of numerous Patents including those associated with smLogosmLogo Lamps are proudly handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in the coastal area of South Carolina. The white sandy beaches and mesmerizing waves of the Blue Atlantic Ocean, together with the rich history of the area serve as inspiration for our creativity. myrtle beach