How are smLogo lamps unique?

One look at a smLogo lamp reveals the obvious appearance contrast when compared to the myriad of commercially available lamps.

While all lamps are luminaries in their ability to produce light, smLogo lamps do much more. All smLogo lamps are handcrafted “Custom Masterpiece Works of Art Themed Lamps”, designed to excite the imagination and transport the viewer to another time and place.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere”. Carl Sagan, Astronomer

The unique design of smLogo lamps accomplishes the following: Provides an enhancing frame around the figural feature on each lamp, the same way a picture frame enhances the picture it surrounds.

Partially conceals the lamp wire from the lamp socket to the lamp base, provides a protective framework around each figural component as well as a stable base that resists tipping.

Most smLogo lamps also embody a “Night Lite” feature that cast whimsical shadow effects in a darken room on the figural component mounted on each lamp.

The functional design elements of each smLogo lamp present a unique mounting platform for installing an endless variety of figural components.

There are currently two smLogo designs. The designs are similar. The sphere shape is called “The Raphael” and the elongated shape is called “The Donatello”, both named after 14th century renaissance Artist’s, Sculptors and Architect’s.


Is the unique design Patented?

The Raphael design is Patented, and can be seen here.

The Donatello design is Patented, and can be seen here.


Is the smLogo logo a Trademark and what entity owns the Trademark?

Yes. Old Kingston Town Trading Company LLC owns the Trademark.

United States Patent and Trademark Office


Will smLogo Lamps scratch the finish on fine wood furniture?

Possibly. It is recommended that if a smLogo Lamp is going to be placed on a wood surface, that a protective pad or coaster be used to eliminate the possibility of scratching the finish.


Are all smLogo lamps hand crafted?

Yes, handcrafted of quality components and materials by skilled craftsmen in the U.S.A.


Are all Themed Lampshades handcrafted?

Yes, handcrafted of quality materials in the U.S.A.


Are all electrical components used in the construction of each smLogo lamp UL listed?



Are safety labels attached to each smLogo lamp?

Yes. Read and follow all safety instructions. Do not remove safety labels from the lamp.


What type of material is used in the construction of the smLogo lamp bases?

The structural components of each smLogo lamp are fabricated of “Polymethyl Metlacrylate” [ PMMA]. In the market place also known as “Acrylite”.

PMMA is a very strong, [ 17 times stronger than glass] lightweight, moisture proof, shatter resistant, light transparent, space-age engineered thermopoly resin with a density of 1.17–1.20 g/cm, Rockwell hardness of D785, Tensile Strength of 10,000 psi, Shear Strength of 9,000 psi and Modulus of Elasticity of 475,000 psi.


What is the coating material used on smLogo lamps?

The coating material used on each smLogo lamp is a commercially available, very durable coating, specifically engineered for use on PMMA. Periodic cleaning is best accomplished by using a brush attachment on a vacuum machine. Avoid using cleaning solvents or products that may damage the lamps finish.


Are smLogo lamps covered by a “Limited Warranty”?



Where are smLogo lamps to be used and what electrical voltage is required?

smLogo lamps are intended for use in dry area, indoor, residential locations. smLogo lamps are not toys, keep out of the reach of children. All smLogo lamps are equipped with modern, UL listed “Polarized Plugs” to be used only with 120 volts USA.


Are smLogo Lamps UL Listed?

All electrical components that are used in the construction of each smLogo lamp is UL Listed.

There are no U.S. Federal Laws or Regulations requiring that “Portable Electric Lamps for Indoor Residential Use” marketed in the U.S.A. be UL Listed or listed by any third party testing company.

smLogo lamps are however proudly crafted using “Lamp Building Best Practices”, such as: Anti Chafing Bushings to prevent the lamp wire from making contact with any metal parts. Proper length Lamp Wire with modern Polarized Plugs. Every smLogo lamp meets or exceeds the UL 8 degree tip test. All smLogo lamp sockets are wired using the UL Knot to prevent the socket wiring from pulling loose from the socket. Where there are multiple electrical circuits used on a smLogo lamp, attractive junction boxes are used to seal, conceal and secure the connections. All threaded connections are treated with “Thread Locker” to prevent the connections from loosening. smLogo lamps use only high quality lamp hardware, switches and sockets. All smLogo lamps have industry standard Safety Labels attached.


Are smLogo lamps collectable?

Yes. All smLogo lamps are numbered limited editions. Each completed lamp is affixed with a numbered  “Certificate of Authenticity” and is attached to the lamp showing the number, date and authorized signature.

smLogo lamps make Great Gifts and are sure to appreciate in value over time.


What are the featured “Figurines, Vintage Decanters, Statues or Dioramas” mounted on smLogo lamps?

smLogo lamps use a wide variety of high quality featured items. Each smLogo lamp comes with an “Information Card” attached to the lamp with a detailed explanation of the featured item. Most featured items mounted on smLogo lamps are rare vintage items and very collectible.


Do the Copyright holders/owners of some of the featured items mounted on smLogo lamps have any affiliation with smLogo or Old Kingston Town Trading Company LLC?

No. smLogo or Old Kingston Town Trading Company LLC are not affiliated with the manufacture or Copyright holder or Company in any way. Licensed Copyright materials/products, including materials/products with Trademarks, were lawfully purchased by us and are being sold under the rights granted via the “First Sale Doctrine” recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1908 and subsequently codified in the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. 109. In addition, our products are sold in accordance with the “Exhaustion Doctrine”. Such use of our lawfully purchased materials/products were upheld in the matter of Precious Moments Inc vs. La Infantil Inc, Civil No. 97-1635 (PG), 7/29/1997.

All Lamp Wirks Lamps are “New Works Of Art”, not derivative works, and are protected by the Intellectual Property Laws of the United States of America.


Where can smLogo lamps be purchased?

See How to Purchase.


Does smLogo offer a Return/Refund Policy?

Yes. See for details


What forms of payment are accepted?

See for details.


Are Patent and Trademark Assignment/Sale Opportunity’s available?

Yes, to a qualified Company(s) and or Investors. To inquire visit the Company Profile Submission page, fill out the form, or email Also see Interest Letter for more information. If you are interested in viewing the Component Parts View of the “Raphael Lamp Frame”, and have submitted the “Company Profile Form” please Contact Us for the password.