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I received my lamp as a gift. It is far more than just a lamp, it's a beautiful and awesome piece of art. I received the Gamecock & Clemson lamp with the USC Stadium. The two lights in this lamp gives an excellent display of the lamp as well as light for the room. This is an excellent gift for yourself or anyone whom has a passion or special interest. I know the designer and he is as great as his lamps.

Janice SC


I find myself starring at my incredible Lamp Wirks Lamp. I am completely mesmerized by it. I have many Lamps in my home but my Lamp Wirks Lamp is the only one that rescues my soul from the stresses of the day. I would love to build my own Master Piece if Do-It-Yourself kits were available.

Catherine H

I Love Lamp...Wirks!

Pictures don't do "Justice" for my daughters new Justice League Lamp. She was elated to see her favorite superheros presented to her in this new light! The craftsmanship of these lamps is amazing. I am truly impressed and am a very pleased customer!

William T
Justice League

Awesome Birthday Present!

I would have never thought that my Girlfriend would get me something so cool. The craftsmanship is great. The textured frame, the lighted stadium and Cleatus the Robot with Panther's symbols on the helmet. I give LampWirks 2 Thumbs up.

Charles K
Carolina Panthers

Where can I get one!

I have always wanted a 1969 Mustang. I finally got one on my incredibly beautiful Lamp Wirks Lamp. My Lamp is very unique and the center piece of conversation with everyone who has seen it. The first thing they want to know is "Where can I get one!"

John C
1969 Mustang

Love It!

"I love my Handcrafted Lamp Wirks Themed Lamp. I have never seen anything like them anywhere.
My wish is that Lamp Wirks will eventually offer their Lamp as a Do-It-Yourself kit so that I can experience the satisfaction of completing my own "Work of Art".

Spenser L
South Carolina
Pop Eye

Cool Lamp

"I recently became the proud owner of a Lamp Wirks lamp...........the "Cowboy Fiddler." This is not merely a lamp, but a true work of art. The craftsmanship and unique design are simply amazing. Plus, the cowboy actually plays a song on his fiddle. Our kids love it! Everyone who visits our home comments on the "cool lamp." If you are looking for a one of a kind accessory for your home I highly recommend a lamp from Lamp Wirks."

Jeff M

Extremely Creative and Talented

"Lamp Wirks Lamps are absolutely beautiful! We were all blown away by them. The Craftsmen who build the Lamps are extremely creative and talented".

Cynthia and Monique
South Carolina

Work of Art

"The pictures of the Lamps on the web-site are great but do not do them justice. We were overwhelmed when we opened the shipping box to discover an amazing "Work of Art" our Western Themed Lamp. The craftsmanship and quality are truly 1st rate! We have never seen anything like this before".

Pete & Flo
New Jersey
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